The Pirates of Penzance 2019

Review - (CLICK)

Iolanthe 2016

(Gilbert and Sullivan)

A return to glitter and the fairies loved it, not so cold this time either but the tale of half man half fairy Strephon entertained audiences all the same 

Review HERE (click)


Fiddler on the Roof 2018

Review - (CLICK)

Oliver! 2017 - Review


The Mikado 2015

The overall feeling of the evening the full singing from the Company and the excellent harmonies.  Review HERE (click)

The Merry Widow 2014

As we bring more younger people to operetta, they too bring their own angles. Review HERE (click)

The Sound of Music 2013

Enormous fun to put on, the real stars were our two teams of Von Trapps from opener to end. Review HERE (click)

Laughter, Tears, Curtain 2012

A revue that summed up 10 years in the business was a revue of at least 31 operetta favourites. Review HERE (click)

Pirates of Penzance 2009

(Gilbert and Sullivan)

Jolly japes on the high seas were the order of the day here, as the pirate king once more led the crusade against the establishment, by the establishment...

Gypsy Baron 2011

It was fantastically received by our audiences with Barinkay getting the girl. Review not available - NODA website revamped here.

Die Fledermaus 2008

(Johann Strauss II)

Glittering necklaces, flowing dresses and of course some incredible singing. Strauss never fails to impress.

Gondoliers 2007

(Gilbert and Sullivan)

We were all aboard this time for the tale of Gondolas, Venice, weddings and very tickly moustaches.

Trial by Jury 2006

(Gilbert and Sullivan)

The success of Trial by Jury launched the famous series of 13 collaborative works between Gilbert and Sullivan that came to be known as the Savoy Operas. Source: Wikipedia

Orpheus in the Underworld 2005 (Jacques Offenbach)

The tale of Hades and the Gods was seized upon with relish by our cast who set about it with determination and devotion. Zeus himself would have been proud.

Iolanthe 2004

(Gilbert and Sullivan)

Worth being in this show for the glittering green eyeshadow alone, the tale of half man half fairy Strephon entertained audiences in some very cold venues. It was here that we switched to Summer tours...

Fiddler on the Roof 2010

This was a tale of pathos and discovery for our company who were welcomed by many Jewish institutions in London for research.

The Merry Widow 2006 (Franz Lehar)

The tale of the Widow of Pontevedro who might or might not marry to the chagrin of Baron Zeta has delighted audiences for many years without growing stale.

Mikado 2003

(Gilbert and Sullivan)

Nanki Poo, Pish Tush and other curiously named residents entertained on this tour including a Mikado that really proved their mettle by injuring themselves before going on.