Livewire Opera Company was formed in February 2001 by a group of six friends, under the musical directorship of Susan Booth. To begin with rehearsals were held in a members front room, as we grew we then moved on to a slightly larger front room.  Now we rehearse in Wymondham Central Hall in Wymondham every Monday from 7.00 pm until 9.30 pm.


In its first year, the Group entered the Norfolk County Music Festival gaining "Highly Commended" in all its classes culminating in the group being presented with the NAAM Plate for the most promising adult performance in the festival at the end of festival concert.




Livewire have always felt that there is a need locally for a group to take music and shows to the people rather than expecting them to come to us, and are amateur only in that the members receive no payment for all their hard work. The productions and concerts are as professional as it is possible for us to make them. It is our belief that operetta such as Savoy Opera, or Strauss etc are an important part of musical heritage and performance history. Traditionally styled operetta therefore has an important place in the musical education of the young people in the company or who come to see our shows, hence the preservation of a tranche of life that would otherwise be lost forever owing to ever increasing costs and possible declining audience (for operetta). This means that we can walk a comfortable path between classical music and education whilst reaching audiences that would otherwise be closed to the medium, hopefully picquing their curiosity towards opera.

Susan Gothard MD

Susan graduated as a pianist and oboist from Napier University, Edinburgh. Following a period as a professional musician, she trained at Moray House University to become a Secondary School Music Teacher. Susan was musical director for several operatic companies and a Male Voice Choir before becoming a founder member and artistic director of Livewire. Susan also makes glass beads in her spare time (not often !).

Deborah Gothard Soprano

Deborah has been singing since 1991 and has taken many lead roles. She has played Yum Yum, Phyllis, Mabel and Gianetta in G+S and in operetta Juno, Eurydice, Rosalinda and Saffi, Anna Glavari and Golde in Fiddler on the Roof to name but a few.

Deidre Marr Pianist

Deidre or "Deedles" had previously only been an accompanist for school concerts, church choirs and instrumental exams, plus performing with fellow students in bar "bashes". When she isn't playing for us, she spends time with her family, teaching and making soap. Her ultimate goals are to play all the right notes in the correct order, and ski an entire black run without a safety net.

Louise Hollis-Keogh

Fran Stebbings Soprano

Frances began her stage career in Ireland at the age of seven. She won many singing and Irish dance competitions before moving to England at the age of 16. After nursing she joined a theatrical agent in London and went on to do Summer season with the likes of Dickie Henderson. Having given up the stage to get married, she then became a PE teacher for forteen years before joining Livewire in 2007.

Pat Smith Soprano

Pat is a stalwart of Livewire who has played many diverse roles and also lends her needlework talents to the production of our dazzling costumes. Pat is another person to keep sweet in Livewire so that our costumes fit properly in all the correct places.


Vince Wolverson

Lighting Designer + Gaffer

Vince handles all of our touring lighting and in house lighting for productions at Christmas. Vince is also a qualified PAT tester and responsible for making pretty much anything work. We appreciate his contributions hugely.

Anne Wolverson


Singer / Make-up artist for the cast, Anne has taken many roles with Livewire during her time with us, and at every turn her hard work and determination to fulfill her direction are always well received.

Lesley Nelson - Soprano

Talented multi instrumentalist Lesley joined us this last year for "Fiddler on the Roof"and hasn't looked back since. She is very much looking forward to our 2019 production.

Lesley Wilkinson - Soprano

Lesley has always been a Livewire stalwart, however this last year Lesley decided to strike out as "Grandma Tzeitel" and this has filled her with the confidence to continue to perform. We look forward to seeing her develop further over the coming year.

Becky Knights - Rising Star

Becky continues to grow in confidence and perform with us over this year having joined for "Oliver" and stayed for "Fiddler on the Roof". We are lucky to have such a dedicated bunch of young people with us, and equally dedicated parents who help out wherever possible.

Geraint Wilcox - Tenor / Baritone

Geraint has been eager to join Livewire and now looks forward to performing with us in our celebration of Christmas this year. Look out for him on the stage in 2019 !

Rosie Dixon Soprano

Rosie first appeared on stage aged six as a fairy in pantomime. More recently, Rosie has played The Plaintiff in Trial by Jury, Calliope in Orpheus, the title role in Iolanthe and Pitti Sing in the Mikado. Previously in G/S Rosie has also played Peep Bo, Kate and Leila. Rosie was also fortunate enough to play a future imagined casting of Gretl "all grown up". Of all the roles she has played, Gretl was the favourite...

Martin Wigg Tenor

Martin has sung for Norfolk Opera Players, Phoenix Opera and Livewire playing many roles from Beppe in "I Pagliacci" to Basil Fawlty. The 2018 production was his tenth outing for Livewire, and for those people who wish to see his past roles, more information can be found about him by clicking on the name above. He is looking forward to next year already...

Gerry Dixon


Gerry has played more roles than we can enumerate here, and his expertise and patience in helping the younger members of the company into their roles is invaluable. We have heard him sing everything listed in our past rep as well as a good deal more. 

Rosemary Charles Soprano

Rosemary is a stalwart of Livewire who has played many diverse roles. Rosemary retains an encyclopaedic knowledge of many parts in operetta, and has played everything from a nun to a grisette with great gusto indeed.

Imogen Dixon Soprano

Imogen first appeared on stage for Livewire aged three, and could be said to be our first youth member. Since then Imogen has appeared in all of our productions. Imogen leaves us this year to volunteer for Project Trust in Chile. More information can be found about Project Trust HERE (click).  There is also a button on our homepage. We are very proud of her indeed. 

Robin Nash Bass

Robin has wide experience of bass roles in Operetta and Musical Theatre with ones as diverse as Private Willis in G+S to Mr Sowerberry in "Oliver". He has also performed numerous times in Old Time Music Hall and has sung major choral works. He has been with LIvewire since their first production.

Robert Ayers - Tenor

Robert took on some important roles in the company over the course of the last year - to sing with Fiddler and act as the town constable. Robert has joined the Livewire team and is very much looking forward to 2019.

Hayley Ayers - Crew

Hayley has taken to being on the Livewire team like a seasoned professional and we are very lucky to have her.

Daniel Ayers - Rising Star

Daniel is proving himself a very adept musician and performer. Daniel has been with us since Oliver where he was the starring role. Last year Daniel was our "Motel" and we wait this year to see what he turns his hand to next.

Rebecca Ayers - Rising Star

Rebecca and her brother have both settled into Livewire well. Rebecca has been with us since Oliver and enjoyed Fiddler immensely. She is looking forward to next year's show.

Isaac Page - Rising Star

Having already performed in venues such as Norwich's Theatre Royal, Isaac is no stranger to the limelight. As a young performer Isaac has been with us through Oliver, and Fiddler and now awaits to be called for our 2019 production.

Ben Wilkinson - Bass

Ben has been with Livewire for several years now, growing in confidence all the way. His most recent role as Perchik in Fiddler on the Roof was very well received, and he should feel proud of his achievements over the years.